If you’re not sure how to find a professional agent, it can feel a little overwhelming at first. But there are many options for getting a great referral to a professional real estate agent. Firstly, you can ask friends and family who have recently been active on the real estate market. You can also ask close business associates who may have had experience with a professional agent. If you don’t know anyone with this kind of experience, you can alternatively search online, looking for agents who get positive reviews. Another option is to seek out a professional association who may be able to help you find a certified real estate agent. Read on as we delve deeper into these tips.

Ask Friends and Family

The first stop for finding a professional real estate agent is to ask friends or family who have recently acquired or sold a house if they have a recommendation. There are many real estate agents out there, but one who comes with a glowing review from someone you know well will stand out above the rest. This is because your friends and family want what’s best for you, so you can trust they’ll be completely honest with you. It’s highly unlikely they’ll lie to you, as they have no motivation to do so. Getting a recommendation of a professional agent from someone you’re close to increases the chances of having a good experience with that particular agent.

Ask Business Associates

One place that you may not have contemplated for getting recommendations for a professional real estate agent is among your business associates. Long term business relationships that have been built over many years sometimes have a little bit more of the personal mixed in. If you feel comfortable, it’s worth asking your trusted business associates if they have any recommendations for a certified real estate agent. People in business are often wealthy and may have had a lot of experience with buying and selling property with different agents, giving them a wealth of knowledge you can benefit from.

Search Online

If none of your close friends, family or business associates can help you with a recommendation for a real estate agent, the next step is searching online. Just type in ‘professional real estate agent’ along with your own city or suburb into a search engine and plenty of results should show up on your screen. You may wish to start with 10-20 possibilities, narrowing it down to about 3-5 in the end. You can narrow down your results further by investigating each professional agent’s website and getting a feel for their experience level and their persona. Next, check each agent’s reputation on Google Business. There should be predominantly positive reviews, with only perhaps the odd negative review. If there are mostly negative reviews, it might be best to steer clear of that particular agent. Once you’ve narrowed the list down to 3-5 agents, make an appointment to speak with each of them in person or on the phone. Make sure you have a few questions to ask them to see if they meet your criteria of a great professional agent.

Seek Out Professional Associations

A good way of finding a professional real estate agent can be to contact a professional association for real estate agents, such as the Real Estate Institute of Australia. Professional associations can often advise on how to hire their members, and sometimes they can provide a list of members who are open to new work through the organisation’s recommendations. This is a reliable way to find a certified real estate agent, because you know the individuals who join will have had to prove they’re a legitimate professional agent.

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