If you’re thinking of buying investment property interstate, you might worry that it’s (is) a very long and involved process. You might even be put off altogether. But it’s (is) worth persisting as long as you do your research thoroughly and find the right professionals to help you, allowing you to get great ROI on interstate real estate. Whether you want an investment property or you’re (are) planning on moving from Sydney to Melbourne to live, there are a stack of opportunities to buy well in Victoria.

Do Your Research

You can’t assume that every property market is the same as where you currently live. This is why it’s (is) important to do actual research into the market where you want to buy. The research you need to do will vary according on whether you’re buying property interstate as an investment or because you’re moving from Sydney to Melbourne, or embarking on any other interstate move. Consider doing research on past house prices, rental amounts you can charge, the activity of developers in the area, employment opportunities, population growth, and plans for new infrastructure.

Visit the Area

This might be hard if you’re buying overseas, but if you’re intending on buying investment property interstate, then it’s worth considering taking a quick trip over to inspect the property in person. It may seem like a hassle, but there’s no substitute for seeing things for yourself. Besides, no-one has more at stake than you in this transaction. You need to make sure the interstate real estate is worthy of your money. In person, you also get the benefit of getting a gut feeling for the property, which can give you additional information should you choose to listen to it.

Take Time Off Work

If you’re considering moving from Sydney to Melbourne, or a different state, then it might be a good idea to take some time off work to help you plan for your move. This will lower your stress levels while you sort out your new abode. Even if you’re simply buying investment property interstate, having some free time will allow you to think about and focus deeply on the task at hand. Being able to think clearly while not being distracted by work stress can help you to make the right decision for your circumstances.

Find the Right People to Help

A buyer’s agent can help you avoid some common negatives associated with buying investment property interstate, such as the renowned two-tier property marketing. In some states, a property will be advertised as one price for locals, and a higher price for buyers from interstate or overseas. To avoid this quagmire, you need reliable and honest insights on the local property market. You will also need to hire a local conveyancing lawyer or conveyancer to help you with the legal aspects of acquiring interstate real estate. Find a property manager worth their salt who can give you an upfront opinion of any home you’re intending on buying as an investment. With their wealth of experience, they should be able to recognise any red flags before you sign anything binding. You will also need a reputable mortgage broker who can help you find the best finance options.

Get Your Loan Pre-Approved

It will be necessary to get your loan pre-approved before you’re ready to purchase. It’s best to go through a mortgage broker, as the approval process for loans for buying investment property interstate can be complex and lengthy. Get the right advice to make it an easier experience for yourself.

Don’t Know Where to Start When Buying Investment Property Interstate?

If you need assistance with buying investment property interstate, Aumeca Group is here to help. We have a range of solutions to make interstate real estate more affordable and convenient, no matter where you’re located. Got questions for us? Give us a call on (03) 8609 9086.