Our Property Management Services

The property management services we offer are numerous. We provide real estate property management for a range of different kinds of rentals, including commercial property management in Melbourne, Airbnb rentals, and residential rentals. Here’s a bit more information on how we can help with each:

Commercial Property Management in Melbourne

Commercial property management in Melbourne provides challenges distinct from that of residential, which is why you need an experienced real estate company to handle your property. At Aumeca Group, we find new tenant businesses quickly in addition to dealing with all legal aspects promptly to optimise your rental income.

Airbnb Property Management in Melbourne

When managing Airbnb properties, it’s important to keep your property running with a great rating so that you can continue operating on the site without penalties such as poor reviews. We know exactly what Airbnb renters expect as well as being on top of the policies of Airbnb as well. You can trust us to keep your Airbnb operation running smoothly.

Residential Property Management in Melbourne

Choice of tenants is so crucial to ensure a good experience for the landlord when it comes to residential property management in Melbourne. We can save you the hassle of having to make the tough decisions. Our screening process is thorough and ensures the best applicant will secure the lease.

Choose Aumeca Group for Prime Residential Property Management

At Aumeca Group, we offer the best of the best; prime residential property management for our clients. Our experience and dependable processes make our real estate property management seamless. For superior real estate property management, call us today.